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The best possible UAV safety device is a well trained operator.

To operate a UAV commercially, you must complete a training course with a National Qualified Entity (NQE) and gain a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA.

SalusUAV’s three day and four day PfCO courses give you this and more. Designed to provide you with a deep understanding of UAVs, we believe our courses deliver higher standards of operation, and better practical and commercial application than anything else on the market.

Our instructors are all experienced civil and military pilots, and are experts in human factors and critical decision making. Unlike standard drone training courses, we’ll teach you how to reduce the potential for human error, the cause of 80% of accidents. We share the CAA’s belief that PfCO courses should not be tick in the box exercises, but courses which will fully prepare you to undertake UAV operations, safe in the knowledge you understand the law, understand how to carry out operational risk assessments, and most importantly understand how to operate your equipment professionally and safely, enhancing your business, your operational resilience and reputation. To this end at the request of operators, we run all our ground schools as live, interactive classroom events facilitated by aviation experts, the way professional pilots are trained.

With a range of subjects including UAV Law, Human Factors, Aircraft Knowledge, Meteorology and Flight Planning, we’ll arm you with the skills, rigour and knowledge to become one of the safest and most professional UAV operators in the industry.

We run PfCO Drone Training Courses in a variety of locations around the country, on a variety of dates. If there isn’t a course that suits you, contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to attain your qualification.  Choose from a range of courses depending on your experience. We also run seminars on more specialised subjects such as Pix4D, surveying and agriculture.

You can find out more about our UAV training courses here, or get in touch.

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