Drones in Higher Education

SalusUAV works with universities across the country to create new thinking and expertise in one of the most important technologies of our age.

Unmanned aviation is fast becoming an important part of modern academic research, yet many institutions lack the operational experience and expertise required to successfully integrate UAV operations.

As a solution, SalusUAV offers Centre of Excellence-level training to academics and students across a broad range of subjects, such as environmental science and engineering, enabling universities to bring the practical realities and operational precision of this growing industry into the education sector.

By integrating our unique UAV expertise and knowledge into the university curriculum, we aim to unlock the potential of this new technology and help students to become more astute in the field.

Our courses act as differentiators, enabling universities to become renowned UAV industry leaders, resulting in additional funding opportunities for research and development and the attraction of new students.

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