SalusUAV won both T-TRIG and ICF funding to develop airspace integration technology for UAS




The UAV industry is rapidly growing. By 2035 the number of UAV operations is forecast to surpass that of manned aircraft. The potential applications of UAVs are further reaching than aviation regulations currently allow. But such applications are presently impeded in the UK by regulations that limit flight to within visual line of sight and ban airspace sharing with manned aircraft.

Whilst commercial pressures have fuelled technological advances in UAV capabilities, little has been done to understand how future UAV traffic will integrate with current UK airspace. The forecast expansion of UAV operations prompts the need to explore how a finite amount of UK airspace can be safely shared with conventional manned aircraft. We are proposing a completely novel approach that will be implemented in a UAS and demonstrated through flight trials. This approach can effectively work around current manned operations and is potentially both robust and flexible.

This project will enable SalusUAV in partnership with the University of Bath, to produce flight planning and flight management software that allows unmanned aircraft to share airspace with manned aircraft.

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