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Our Aircraft

DJI Inspire

Commercial UAV from the world’s leading company


We use the Inspires for commercial work using both HD Video/stills and Thermal imagery.

As the Inspire has been designed to be easy to use, we also use it as a training platform on our courses.

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Our Aircraft

Quest Q100

Robust British fixed wing UAV for large areas

Automatic take-off and landing allows us to operate the large flights of the Q100 with minimal manual handling.

This aircraft takes extremely high quality stills using either RGB or Multi-spectral sensors. The images are then processed using photogrammetry to produce any modelling the client requests.


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Our Aircraft


Our own test bed UAVs


Based on the SkyWalker X8, Horus are the aircraft we use for R&D. We have fitted several of these aircraft with a vast array of equipment. In addition to being light they are powerful, fast and stable.

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