We have over 100 years' experience in professional aviation

SalusUAV is a member of D.I.C.E., at the leading edge of training, technological innovation and service provision in the rapidly emerging UAS industry.

We are a CAA certified National Qualified Entity (NQE), approved to make recommendations for Permission for Commercial Operations certificates. We train our customers just as we would train commercial pilots.

We are dedicated to high quality, professional flight operations and training where safety and risk management underpin every aspect of our business.

The company directors and trainers all come from Royal Air Force and commercial airline backgrounds, and it is from this knowledge base that we take our philosophy of transferring the standards achieved in military and commercial aviation to UAS operations.



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Always at the leading edge of technological innovation


We’re real pilots from commercial and military aviation backgrounds


An unrivalled level of commitment to our customers in all industry sectors


The very best Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology available

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We have over 50,000 hours flying everything from UAVs to 777s

The senior team at SalusUAV have experience of operating pretty much every class of aircraft.

The smallest? The 11.5 gram Hubsan Nano

The largest? The 300 tonne Boeing 777-300

In between? DJI Inspire, DJI Matrice, Quest Q100, Quest Q200, SkyWalker X8, DelairTech DT-18, Pipers, Cessnas, Slingsby, Bulldog, Jet Provost, Hawk, BAe 125, Tornado, Hercules, B737, A320, B757, B767, DC10, Dreamliner.

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